Dojo etiquette




  • Bow on entering and leaving the Dojo.
  • Address any teaching instructor as “Sensei”, any senior grade as “Sempai”
  • Say “OSS” upon receiving any advice or command from the instructor
  • Say “OSS” when bowing at the start or finish of the class
  • Say “OSS” when bowing to your partner in kumite
  • Train at your designated lesson and at least TWICE a week
  • Keep fingers and toe nails clean and short
  • Keep your “Gi” clean, ironed and in good condition
  • Ask your instructor or higher grades for advice
  • Show respect to each others
  • Tell your instructor before the lesson if you have a injury
  • Tell your instructor before the class if you must leave early
  • Learn the Dojo Code/Dojo Kun




  • Leave the class without your instructor’s permission
  • Arrive late for training (if you do, warm up outside then kneel at the front of the Dojo, wait to be asked to enter then bow and join the class)
  • Wear any jewellery in the Dojo (rings which won’t come off must be covered with tape)
  • Use offensive language or behaviour in the Dojo
  • Use your Karate skills outside of the Dojo (except for self defence or the defence of other within the law)
  • Wear your Belt outside on the street