Sensei Roger Fabri founded Beckenham Shotokan Karate Club on 4th September, 1999 at the Studio, Beckenham, in order to pass on his knowledge, dedication and love of Karate.

The club’s principal aims are to promote Shotokan Karate as a way to a healthier lifestyle and a more positive mental attitude, both inside and outside the Dojo (training hall) and to support deserving causes within the local area.

From small beginnings, the club now has several black belts, some of whom have been at the club since the beginner stage.


Free trial!

We offer a free trial lesson for everyone thinking of joining, so please get in touch to book yours!


JKA affiliated

Benefit from the excellent courses and senseis. Read about JKA England or visit the webpage.


Regular training

Training is on Mondays from 6.30pm and on Saturdays from 10am.
View full timetable.

Get fitter while having fun!

The relaxed atmosphere in the dojo, and the enthusiasm of both the instructors and the students, make learning karate at Beckenham SKC a whole lot of fun. There will be opportunities for meet-ups and activities outside the dojo too!

Meet new people!

Our students vary in age from 6 to 60+. We all train together and learn from each other. You will meet some amazing and interesting people and form long-lasting friendships.

Discipline for both body and mind

Karate is not just a physical activity. As well as following the dojo etiquette, we also adhere to a set of principles which we strive to apply both in the dojo and to our everyday lives. Read more about the Dojo Code.

Great for kids

We have had excellent reports back from parents and schools about the improvement they see in their children's concentration levels, behaviour and ability to focus. Training alongside adults further encourages good behaviour and nurtures mutual respect.

Latest News


Sensei would like to thank all of you who came along and supported the club in this year’s inter club competition. It was a great day and all involved had lots of fun. Sensei hopes that next year we can make this an even bigger event. He would like to see ALL MEMBERS entering...

Training Course Sunday 13th March

Dear All, Sensei Roger Fabri has organised a Training Course on Sunday 13th at our Beckenham Dojo. The course will run from 10am-1pm There will be 3 sessions Session 1 – 10am – 11am Orange belt – Yellow belt Session 2 – 11am – 12pm Green – Purple & White Session 3 – 12pm-1pm...

JKA Nationals 2014

Well done to everyone who entered this year, and a special mention for Uma Ashogun who came away with a very well-deserved bronze for kumite We narrowly missed out on quite a few other medals – brilliant performance from everyone!...

Grading 20th July 2013

Grading presentation on 27 July 2013. The grading took place at Beckenham SKC on 20 July under Sensei Adel Ismail – 5th Dan. Congratulations to everyone who went for the grading. A clean sheet! Shown below is Mark Jedski receiving his brown belt and certificate from Sensei Roger....